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OmniBOM™ is an easy to use, spreadsheet-like Bill of Material (BOM) creation and processing tool. OmniBOM offers manufacturers a comprehensive tool to create, edit and process BOMs.
Key OmniBOM Functions:
Create Preliminary BOMs
 • Perform costing, lead time, availability analysis
 • Parametrically search the Omnify database for items
 • No Omnify login required
Import BOMs in any Format
 • Excel, Text/ASCII, Word, HTML/XML, ODBC
 • Import directly from schematics, CAD systems, PCB Design systems
 • Automatically determines "line wraps"
Export Reports in any Format
 • Excel, Text/ASCII, Word, HTML/XML, ODBC
 • Generate Custom Reports
    - Board area, height, weight reports, cost rollups
    - Vendor Information
 • Define custom formatting
    - Company Logos, formats, colors
Define Business/Engineering Rules to Finalize BOMs
 • Automatically merge Electrical and Mechanical BOMs
 • Automatically swap alternate parts
 • Automatically include "phantom" BOM items
 • Disable/"Depopulate" items from a variant/revision
Compare multiple BOMs
Engineering "Sandbox/Scratchpad"
 • Generate Preliminary BOMs and reports without logging in to the Omnify database